Production: Prototyping

Prompt: Consider your strongest prototyping week? What made it so successful? Consider not just the concept but the team’s contributions, reaction to feedback, and more

Our strongest prototyping week was the third and last one. I think the prototype was the most ambitious by far but it was also something that I really bought into and spent a bit of extra time on. The game was called GoblinWorks and was a resource management game with a tinge of tower defense. I think it was successful not because it created a playable game but because it demonstrated a couple of the main systems; towers and goblins doing work. Also it was the most enjoyable week for me despite the extra hours.

One of the main reasons I think it was so successful was because Tom, one of our designers had a very clear vision of what the game would become. This gave me the chance to sit down with him and go task by task to make sure that we were on the same page. However this also presented a challenge later in the sprint and into the next sprint where we struggled to create a unified team vision for the game.

The second reason I think it was successful is because of team work sessions. Normally I hate trying to do individual work in a group setting, unless it’s pair programming. However, because of our small team size we were able to sit in the same room and work with minimal amounts of extra distraction. I think this allowed us to better communicate ideas and solve problems. Even better than the whole team work session was working with just Tom and the other programmer. We were able to get any design questions quickly answered while bouncing programming questions off each other. The only problem was the huge merge conflict at the end, but even that is quicker to resolve with two people.

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