Production: Midmortem

Prompt: Reflecting on the Midmortem presentations and game selections, how do you feel? Did you game go forward or were different projects chosen by the class? What did you learn from the experience and how will you take this knowledge going forward?

I thought the Midmortem presentations were for the most part interesting, and I was happy with my teams presentation. However, GoblinWorks (my team’s game) did not go through which was a bit upsetting. The reasons why it didn’t go through are pretty clear. It was ambitious, it wasn’t a standard Champlain game, and there was a nasty rumor about our team cohesion.

While I think the last two reasons do bear mentioning, I think the main reason the game was cut is because of the scope. Creating a strategy game, no matter how modular we made it, was always going to involve a lot of work for programmers and designers. Instead the class chose two simpler games to focus on. I really would have liked to see a strategy game go through, but I can understand the reasoning in choosing easier projects.

This experience reinforced something I already know, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Or better yet Keep It Stupidly Simple. Starting with a simple game and building from there is great for agile. Additionally, you can take a week or two off and still have a decent game at the end. This strategy worked great last year in Advanced Seminar when I had to build a game on my own, and will produce more polished portfolio pieces this year.

Going forward I am going to be even more insistent on KISS and on keeping scope as low as humanly possible.

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