Production: First Half

Prompt: For your final blog post, reflect on the questions above by pulling together your experiences as a game developer in your particular area of expertise, as a team member on your development team, a person in 2018 in the United States of America, and as a soon to be professional game developer. Your post should integrate all of the different types of experiences you’ve had this semester–personal, professional, and academic–and analyze how each has influenced type of experience has shaped your development as a person and as a professional. The goal is to reflect on not only what you have done, but why and how you have done it, and what it means for your future efforts. In the end, your post should integrate your experiences into a reflection on what your efforts this semester mean, to you, to the College, and to society at large, as best you can tell.

That’s about the broadest prompt I can imagine, so I’m just going to write about the feedback I got from my prototyping team.

First off, the bad parts. I scored 2.5/3 for collaboration with the comments including “Increase communication”, “not very descriptive”, and “give more feedback”. I’m taking away that I did not talk enough about what I was working on, and just didn’t talk enough in general. I also didn’t express my enthusiasm about the last game, instead appearing “always super chill”. In the future, and this current project, I need to talk more about what I’m working on and show what I’m excited about. One way to do this will be posting progress screenshots of the shaders i’m working on in this current game.

The good parts were much more fun to read. “turned out good work”, “will always voice any concern”, “very positive energy”, and “great work ethic”. I was not expecting to be praised for my work ethic when other programmers and team members are putting in 20 hours weeks compared to my 6-10 hours. Going forward I will be more comfortable putting in the expected amount of time and not feeling like a less valuable team member because I can’t commit to a lot of extra hours.

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