Production: Developer Reflection

Prompt: As a game developer, where am you now? What have you accomplished and what are your greatest strengths? What do you want to do next to keep growing?

As a game programmer I’m still pretty much a generalist, although I’m definitely leaning towards tools and graphics programming. I like making things to help people that I’m working with because the instant feedback is a ton more gratifying than waiting to hear back from QA. I like graphics programming because I always kind of wanted to be an artist so making things pretty in code is the next best thing.

I’ve accomplished several game prototypes and a couple miscellaneous shaders. I also got a pretty kick ass internship for the past summer and was invited back for this summer. It’s not game programming, but I did learn some web development front end and a bit of back end. My greatest strength, especially at Champlain, is being able to work with anyone here. It’s not always fun, but i can always get along and make things work out.

What I want to do next to keep growing is dive headfirst into learning graphics. I’m lucky enough to be working on a team with competent programmers and can focus solely on learning Unity’s graphics pipeline and shader language. I also plan to finish my website sometime soon which will be good practice in web development.

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