Production: Challenge

Prompt: Look back at a particularly challenging week, what went well? What could have been better? How could you have personally affected the outcome in a positive way? What would you do differently if you could?

The most challenging week we had was the week before midmortem. I think it was particularly hard because we didn’t want to get cut, and because we were struggling with creating a unified team vision. The biggest thing we did well during that week was communicating. We had a couple of good meetings with solid heartfelt communication and I think we were on track to create a strong vision if we had continued working on the game.

The parts that went well were communication, and vision creating. Having a physical prototype to play helped a lot as well as making time to play some similar games. My one qualm with this approach is that it may have encouraged derivative design. We were also able to talk openly in meetings about previous and current problems like communication and vision. Talking about problems didn’t solve them all in one go, but I think it put us on the right path.

The main thing that could have been better were timing and vision creating. We crunched towards the end of the week which created additional stress and problems. We should have crunched at the beginning of the week, leaving plenty of time for clear communication and problem solving. The team vision was greatly improved by having a physical prototype, but not every team member played the prototype which would have been an easy improvement.

I could have positively affected the outcome by doing my work sooner and by encouraging the team to do the same during sprint planning. This is something that I would do differently if I could. Additionally I would ask to play the physical prototype as soon as it was developed instead of a week later.

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