Jacob Biederman

Game Programmer and Software Engineer

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About Me

I’m a coder majoring in Game Programming with experience working in frontend development from two internships at Fidelity Investments. I love clean, readable code. In my free time I like bicycling and (big surprise here) video games.


Fidelity Investments

Technical Intern

  • Created an app to check API dependencies to help troubleshoot problems.
  • Onboarded onto a scrum team of full-time developers.
  • Learned test driven development, end to end testing, and jQuery.
  • Led a winning hackathon team developing a financial literacy game.

Fidelity Investments

Technical Intern

  • Created a machine learning app to analyze customer feedback.
  • Experienced large-scale Agile practices.
  • Learned HTML, CSS, Angular, and Python.
  • Learned from industry professionals.

United Dairy Farmers

Store Clerk

  • Interacted with and remembered customers names and drink preferences.
  • Made milkshakes and served ice cream.
  • Handled gas spills.
  • Cleaned and maintained the store.


Fuel Station Attendant

  • Resolved gas spills and other problems.
  • Cleaned and maintained the pumps and kiosk.
  • Closed at night including counting the till, checking and managing the change stockpile, and locking up for the night.


Champlain College, Burlington, VT

August 2016 - May 2020

In Progress: Bachelor of Science in Game Programming


Machine Learning

I co-designed and created an app to classify customer feedback using machine learning. This was an awesome project because I learned a bit more about machine learning, and got a crash course in full stack development including Angular, CSS, Python, and Django REST framework

Lunch Rush

Created an education game for 1st through 3rd graders targeting food allergy awareness. This project is important because it gave me a chance to build architecture for the game designers rather than create the whole game.

Bullet Squid

Created a very simple top down shooter with a five person team. This was especially exciting because it required learning Unity3D on the fly and working with another programmer.


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